What the programme does

Many CSOs and citizens in general are rarely afforded with space to effectively contribute to national policies and development processes. Community views are either not listened to or not fully considered; this scenario brings about skewed development that favours those in government and the rich leaving out the poor. Through the CPE programme, CSPR facilitates a platform for civil society and local community empowerment to effectively participate in governance systems for pro-poor development. CSPR also provides space for the local communities to present and put forward their views, concerns and aspirations.

Strategic objective

By the end of 2015, CSPR will have mobilized CSOs and local communities to effectively participate and engage in developmental processes.

Programmatic Areas

  • Capacity development for local level CSOs and communities (grassroots)
  • Deeper understanding (appreciation) of national development issues at the community level
  • Expansion and outreach to local CSOs and communities
  • Facilitate space for local community engagement in developmental issues
  • Networking

Program Management

Responsible for running the program is the Program Management Team (PMT) supported by the CPE Program Officer. The current PMT is chaired by National Youth Constitutional Assembly (NYCA)