What the programme does

Due to high poverty levels and low participation in development processes, CSPR through the APD Programme raises awareness on emerging and important pro-poor development issues to ensure broader participation and to enable CSPR to advocate and lobby for change. Through constructive policy dialogue with state and other key stakeholders, CSPR calls for enhanced good governance.

Strategic objective

By the end of 2015, CSPR will have effectively advocated for pro poor policy formulation and implementation through engagement with state and non-state actors to promote good governance.

Programmatic Areas

  • Lobby and advocate for pro-poor development
  • Expansion of advocacy work in social sectors
  • Facilitate policy dialogue for Civil Society Organisations and local communities in developmental issues
  • Facilitate and establish policy dialogue with Government and relevant stakeholders

APD Programme Management TEAM

Responsible for running the programme is the Programme Management Team (PMT) supported by the APD Programme Officer. The current PMT is chaired by National Youth Constitutional Assembly (NYCA)