Brief Profile Of Eastern Province

Eastern Province of Zambia is divided into eight districts of which it has 19 constituencies. It has a population of 1,592, 661 from the Census of 2010. Of this population, 784, 680 are male and 807, 981 are female. Eastern province is third highest province in terms of population density after Lusaka and Copperbelt respectively. It has a population density of 30.9 persons per square kilometer. It is evident that poverty in Eastern Province has become a social and economic crisis of huge proportion, denying the majority of the people a decent standard of living. Hunger, sickness and disease including Malaria, HIV/AIDS, are claiming many lives.


Area of Coverage

CSPR in Eastern Province is operating in two districts of Chipata and Mambwe.

Target Group

  • Policy makers at National and Provincial level
  • Community Members (Marginalised, people who are living under the poverty datum line)
  • Local Authorities
  • Network members



Main Activities in Eastern Province

Research Policy Analysis of pro poor issues emerging in the province. This is done in consultation with target audiences and research results leads to advocacy with various stakeholders for policy change. The Research results are also shared with various stakeholders at different platforms and levels.

Provincial Office

PO BOX 510032

MOBILE: +260 966 434830/  0955 434830

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Provincial Cordinator : Maxson Nkhoma