What the programme does

Institutional Governance and Development programme addresses the weakness and capacity needs of the network members, Board of Directors and the Secretariat to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of programmes and guidance at all CSPR levels. Secretariat coordinates all programmes while the Board provides oversight and strategic/policy direction. It is also necessary to provide corporate governance and internal accountability. Under this programme, CSPR will provide work to strengthen systems, governance structures and practices upon which its members shall find opportunity and space to efficiently implement their programmes.

As sub components of the Institutional Governance and Development programme, CSPR also focuses on the following; the implementation of its sustainability plan, monitoring and evaluation of CSPR programmes at all levels, mainstreaming HIV/AIDS, Gender and Disability in all CSPR programmes at all levels, coordination and management of the network and strengthening CSPR membership base at provincial and national levels.

Strategic objective

By the end of 2015, CSPR will have enhanced governance structures and systems to facilitate at all levels, effective and sustainable implementation of its programmes to make significant contribution to pro-poor development.

Programmatic Areas

  • Resource mobilization and enhanced financial management systems and sustainability
  • Responsive CSPR constitution
  • Capacity development for members
  • Staff conditions
  • Mainstreaming of cross cutting issues ; gender, HIV and AIDS and Disability in all programmatic areas
  • Membership drive, Management and Internal re-assessment aimed at being relevant and ensuring ownership of programmes
  • Enhanced provincial structures with staff and expansion to other provinces e.g Northern, Central and Copperbelt
  • Restructured CSPR structures (Board, PPMT, Secretariat)
  • Credibility and living by values

Program Management

Responsible for running the program is CSPR Management at Secretariat comprising of the the Executive Director, the Finance and Administration Manager and the Programmes Manager and supported by CSPR Board of Directors.