Brief Profile of Luapula Province

Luapula Province has a population of 979,663 out which 457,653 are women while 455, 576 are male. The population density is approximately 19.4% while the population growth rate stands at 3.2%.  Mansa which is the Provincial headquarters has a population of 233, 586 out which 116,270 are male while 117,316 are female. Luapula has the highest Percentage of population living in poverty which is 81%.Fishing and farming are the main economic activities of the population in Luapula Province. An estimated 60% of the people in the province are directly or indirectly involved in the fishing industry. Cassava is the main food crop grown. The other crops grown are maize, tea, millet, groundnuts, sweet potatoes, rice and bananas. Kawambwa Tea Company is the only company major currently operating in the province after the closure of Mansa Batteries and Mununshi Banana Scheme. The Province has a lot of potential for tourism development and mining.

Area of Coverage

CSPR in Luapula Province is operating in two districts of Mansa and Nchelenge.

Target Group

  • Policy makers at National and Provincial level
  • Community Members (Marginalised, people who are living under the poverty datum line)
  • Local Authorities
  • Network members


Main Activities in Luapula

Research Policy Analysis of pro poor issues emerging in the province. This is done in consultation with target audiences and research results leads to advocacy with various stakeholders for policy change. The Research results are also shared with various stakeholders at different platforms and levels.


Provincial Office

PO BOX 660148

MOBILE: +260 978047276

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