What the programme does

The Research and Policy Analysis programme provides CSPR an opportunity to identify and implement various research and policy analysis activities. These activities help to galvanise the views of civil society country-wide and obtain new perspectives on various pro-poor development processes. They monitor and track budget expenditures of government and conduct poverty and other impact assessments to determine the effectiveness of government initiatives and programmes. The programme will equally provide opportunities to strengthen the knowledge and skills of the broader membership of CSPR in the areas of research and policy analysis and thus facilitate local level activities. The Research and Policy Analysis programme will enable CSPR and its members to generate new evidence and viable ideas which will improve the quality of civic input to pro-poor policy formulation.


Strategic objective

By the end of 2015, CSPR will have enhanced its provision of alternative thinking and learning and influenced pro poor development and poverty reduction processes, through sourcing of credible evidence and policy analysis.

Programmatic Areas

  • Pro- poor profiling and utilization of membership capacities (honorary and associates)
  • Budget tracking and fiscal analysis- Pre-budget and Post budget analysis
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the SNDP
  • Production of the Budget Execution and Service Delivery Barometer
  • Professional consultancy
  • Research, policy analysis
  • Poverty assessment

Program Management

Responsible for running the program is the Program Management Team (PMT) supported by the RPA Programme Officer. The current PMT is chaired by Zambia Evaluation Association (ZEA)

Budget Tracking and Service Delivery Monitoring Barometer