Budget Execution & Service Delivery Barometer 2013

Budget Execution & Service Delivery Barometer 2013
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27 May 2015
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The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction’s (CSPR) Budget Execution and Service Delivery Barometer has been in use since 2009. The tool is intended to rate the Zambian government’s performance on service delivery and budget execution. The 6 (six) sectors chosen are; Agriculture, Education, Health, Infrastructure (Roads and Bridges), Water & Sanitation, and Social Protection. The Barometer measures government performance based on several indicators as perceived by citizens on budget implementation and service delivery. The Barometer serves the purpose of being an important advocacy tool for fostering increased budgetary allocations and spending in the social sectors of the economy and more prudent utilisation of funds for the benefit of the poor to ensure that Government is meeting their real needs.
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