2007 January - December Annual Report

This report narrates the salient activities undertaken by the Southern PPMT during the 2007 fiscal year under review. The reports reviews the workas planned and work as actually implemented, as well as reasons for either implementation or not.


2006 Bi-Annual Report

This report describes the activities undertaken by the Southern PPMT during the period April to June 2006. It is worth mentioning that the activities did not start up until April because of the delayed donor commitments and also the appreciation of the kwacha that lead to the change in the costing of most planned for activities.

Southern Province Response to Draft FNDP

We have been part of the initial processions in the province. We would like to move away from the theories of the FNDP into its practices in trying to deal with the poverty and its effects on the lives of people of Zambia. Us in provinces see poverty; experience it while some people imagine it. We see it and that is why we came up with the following recommendations.


In our input to the FNDP as a province, we made various recommendations, and glad that some issues have taken on except the following:
  1. Provision of profitable, efficient Readily available market for agriculture produce such as; maize, milk, beef etc. As FRA is not doing enough and private so called brief case men  take over.
  2. Government should construct dams for irrigations projects to over come drought situations which lead to hunger etc.
  3. Government should introduce irrigation schemes/programs in areas where there is already availability of water e.g. Siavonga, Keemba etc.
  4. Eradication of tsetse flies.


  • Government should construct more basic and high schools to accommodate more pupils if free basic education is to be meaningful or realistic.
  • Rehabilitate school infrastructure e.g. class rooms, laboratories.
  • Employ more teachers.
  • Come up with more or another school for children with special needs. Currently we have only one school in Choma, St Mulumba which is providing special education to children with special needs.


  • Although government has promised construction of health infrastructure, the province experiences services shortage of health personnel such as nurses, Doctors. In some places where personnel may be available, drugs are not there,eg Nkanda nzovu government case elaborate.

Road Infrastructure

  • Government should not wait for road rehab. In order to build bridges damaged during rain season in Gwembe, and also other roads which were temporally maintained as these should facilitate agriculture activities.

Water Sanitation

  • Government should expand existing water reservoirs to meet, the high water demands for people and animals needs.